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DAB Hosts Islamic Symposium on the Significance of Isra wal Mi’raj

Cotabato City– The Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB) conducted an Islamic Symposium, led by Gebracel N. Makaton, Senior Education Program Specialist. The event, held on January 29, 2024, at the DAB office premises, focused on the Significance of Isra wal Mi’raj and drew participation from the Academy’s employees.

Dr. Muhammad Nadheer Ebil, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Shariah and Post Graduate of Jamiat Cotabato, served as the invited Resource Speaker. Dr. Ebil emphasized the predominantly spiritual nature of the Isra wal Mi’raj, acknowledging its profound impact on the believers (ummah) of Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi wa Sallaam. His discourse encompassed the definition of Isra’ and the Mi’raj, the timing of the event, and the wisdom behind the Prophet’s journey.

In his opening remarks, Engr. Mlang Madal, Executive Assistant to the Director of the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro, expressed pride in the academy’s dedication to fostering such activities. He emphasized the need to fortify the beliefs of employees, cultivating positive relationships within the government public office. The conviction in Allah SWT serves as our guiding principle, directing us to respect others and approach our responsibilities with utmost sincerity.

The symposium provided a platform for Academy employees to engage in insightful learnings, reflecting on the spiritual lessons derived from Isra wal Mi’raj and its individual life impact. This was evident during the open-forum where questions and answers about the topic discussed were eagerly participated by the employees. It also facilitated the creation of a sense of unity and a shared spiritual journey among attendees, serving as a reminder of the significance of fostering a deep connection with Islamic teachings.

As the symposium concluded, Ms. Fairodz P. Taalim, Chief of the Center of Research and Policy Development, conveyed gratitude for Dr. Muhammad Nadheer Ebil’s valuable contribution and the enthusiastic participation of employees. She highlighted the success of the symposium in promoting spiritual awareness and cultural understanding, emphasizing that employees’ eagerness to strengthen their beliefs will positively influence their office tasks, guided by Islamic teachings.

Departing with renewed insights and strengthened faith, attendees left a lasting impression on the symposium, underscoring the academy’s commitment to holistic employee development, encompassing both professional growth and spiritual enrichment.

DAB, as the human capital development training and research arm of the Bangsamoro Government for government officials and employees, is a CSC recognized Government Learning and Development Institution under the Office of the Chief Minister Hon. Ahod B. Ebrahim. DAB is currently under the leadership of Executive Director Sh. Hisham S. Nando, M.A.
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