Strategic Goals

  1. Building Institutional Capacity (Internal to DAB)
    • To formulate and institutionalize quality standards for programs, projects, and activities, application of innovation technology (approaches, methods, system, knowledge transfer developed in the academy), transformation of workforce and institutions/agencies/offices towards progressive Bangsamoro society.

2. Strengthening Competence (CapDev, Research, Education, Innovation)

    • To conduct training needs analysis, design training programs, to provide special courses targeting specific needs of Bangsamoro, develop modules and curricula contextualized to the needs of the Bangsamoro, implement training programs, monitoring and evaluation.

3. Ensuring Quality in the Bureaucracy (QA Modeling, Standards Training)

    • To provide venue for learning, benchmarking and research, internal assessment, training and ask for technical assistance, to provide institutional trust, uphold desirable values

4. Establishing Linkages and Coordination Between and Among Agencies and Partners (Networking, Alliances, Communications)

    • To establish linkages and networks, make an inventory of partners, formulate PAP proposals, establish a coordination mechanism (supported with legal basis), develop communication coordination plan/system/protocol, develop a network of Bangsamoro experts, organize and maintain a poor of experts renowned with their credibility in particular fields, promotion of service, bringing together possible clients(funders forum), conduct inventory of HR and MOA, partner with academic institutions.

5. Providing Platforms for Community Empowerment

    • To train the grassroots and transform combatants.

6. Enjoying Diverse Resources

    • To have fiscal autonomy, preparation, secure funding support, project implementation, easy and affordable access to graduate programs.