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DAB Empowers Future BARMM Trainers with Strategic Development Planning Skills | Part 1/2

In a bid to strengthen the training capabilities of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), the SUBATRA in partnership with Development Academy of the Bangsamoro, has marked another milestone with the successful conclusion of its five-day intensive “Training of Trainers on Strategic Development Planning” Held from February 5th to 9th of 2024, at Microtel by Wyndham Hotel in General Santos City.

DAB welcomed a diverse group of aspiring and current trainers to engage in a comprehensive training event designed to strengthen capacities and equip participants with the essential skills and insights required to conduct training sessions and administer strategic management workshops effectively.

The workshop commenced with an exploration of the fundamental attributes of an adept trainer and facilitator, progressing seamlessly towards the dissemination of key strategies and methodologies essential for fostering a conducive environment for the formulation of strategic plans within respective offices.

Meanwhile, experts and skilled practitioners from various BARMM Ministries, Offices and Agencies have shared their knowledge on modern strategic Planning techniques and the implementation of sustainable development programs. One of the participant’s emphasized the importance of of capacity-building for sustainable development and the empowerment of local trainers who play a critical role in disseminating knowledge across the Bangsamoro Region.

Over the course of the week, the participants engaged in dynamic discussions, hands-on workshops, and case study analyses designed to nurture an environment of proactive learning and practical application. “This training is not merely an academic exercise or simulation but a vital step towards actualizing our vision for a more progressive Bangsamoro,” stated by Maam Samrah Karon-Patadon from SUBATRA during her opening address.

This initiative couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment, as the demand for adept trainers capable of guiding BARMM ministries, offices, and agencies in charting their developmental trajectories continues to flourish. The timing of this initiative is not just ideal but imperative, addressing the urgent demand for proficient leaders to navigate the region’s developmental journey.

The training concluded with a certification ceremony where participants were awarded certificates of completion, signifying not only the acquisition of new skills but also their responsibility to act as catalysts for change within their respective offices. The trainees have committed to disseminating their expertise through local workshops and strategic planning sessions across the Bangsamoro region.

“The tools and methodologies presented here aren’t just theories; they’re the building blocks of real, actionable plans that can transform communities,” expressed one of the newly certified trainers.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from various MOAs of the BARMM government, underscoring the collective commitment towards capacity building and sustainable development within the region.

With the successful culmination of this training program, the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro takes a significant stride forward in its mission to empower local stakeholders, fostering a culture of strategic foresight and informed decision-making for a prosperous Bangsamoro.

DAB, as the human capital development training and research arm of the Bangsamoro Government for government officials and employees, is a CSC recognized Government Learning and Development Institution under the Office of the Chief Minister Hon. Ahod B. Ebrahim. DAB is currently under the leadership of Executive Director Sh. Hisham S. Nando, M.A.
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