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LOOK: SGADA Workforce Gets Onboard

JUST TODAY, the Special Geographic Area Development Authority, in collaboration with the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro, jumped start the Mandatory Onboarding Training for their employees on October 10, 2023 at Pagana Kutawato Native Restaurant, Cotabato City. The opening program was graced by the SGADA Administrator Sir Butch P Malang. He explained in his opening remarks that Mandatory Onboarding Training is required to all employees because looking at it in Islamic perspective, the term mandatory when omitted, one will be held accountable. Thus, it is very important that employees be able to undergo the Mandatory Onboarding Training.

The training encompasses four modules on: (1) Bangsamoro Situationer; (2) Moral Governance; (3) Values Transformation and Professional Development; and (4) Basic Office Skills. The salient points of the BARMM Employee’s Handbook specifically on CSC Rules is integrated to increase awareness on rights, responsibilities, and privileges of being a government employee. It aims to develop professionally the Bangsamoro workforce and transform them into employees that adhere to the moral governance and with high regard to the Bangsamoro leaders and history. The training will last for four days, October 10-13, 2023.

DAB, as the human capital development training and research arm of the Bangsamoro Government for government officials and employees, is a CSC recognized Government Learning and Development Institution under the Office of the Chief Minister Hon. Ahod B. Ebrahim. DAB is currently under the leadership of Executive Director Sh. Hisham S. Nando, M.A. #biDABest #ProductiveBangsamoro #MoralGovernance


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