You are currently viewing DAB facilitated MBHTE-EFS’ Yearend Assessment

DAB facilitated MBHTE-EFS’ Yearend Assessment

Technical, structural, functional, and strategic gaps of the BARMM Education Ministry’s agency for educational facilities were discussed and addressed with the help from DAB Team led by external facilitator Mr. Hussien Abo, LPT. MBHTE-EFS is hopeful that the ctivities activities set in order by the agency for 2022 will serve as a major foundation for their continuous institutional development.

DAB, as the human capital development training and research arm of the Bangsamoro Government for government officials and employees, is a CSC recognized Government Learning and Development Institution under the Office of the Chief Minister Hon. Ahod B. Ebrahim. DAB is currently under the leadership of Executive Director Sh. Hisham S. Nando, M.A. #biDABest #ProductiveBangsamoro #MoralGovernance


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