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The Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB), led by its Executive Director Shiek Hisham S. Nando, M.A., accelerated its push for human capital development in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) by conducting institutional visit to the provincial offices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR) and the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education – Technical Education and Skills Development (MBHTE-TESD) in Basilan Province, on May 11, 2023. The visit aimed to introduce the DAB mandate and programs to the provincial offices of the BARMM and explore the possibility of conducting Mandatory on Boarding Training (MOT) for BARMM employees in Basilan.

As an attached agency of the Office of the Chief Minister, the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro serves as the central training and research arm of the Bangsamoro Government. Its focus lies in enhancing the skills and knowledge of its agencies and employees, playing a vital role in maintaining a highly efficient workforce, promoting an output-driven bureaucracy, and fostering socially responsible institutions throughout the region.

During the opening message, Executive Director Shiekh Hisham S. Nando, M.A., emphasized the significance of the institutional visits as a means of acquiring knowledge and identifying successful strategies implemented by MAFAR and MBHTE-TESD. These visits offered the DAB an opportunity to gain valuable insights that can be integrated into their training programs and initiatives.

Dr. Normia A. Salindal, the Finance and Administrative Division Chief of the DAB, presented an overview of the organization during the visits, highlighting its vision, mission, mandates, structures, and program offerings. This comprehensive overview provided the provincial offices with a deeper understanding of the DAB’s objectives and how collaboration can be established to further enhance employee development in the region.

The institutional visits served as a platform for mutual learning and collaboration, fostering closer ties between the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro and MAFAR, as well as MBHTE-TESD. Through the assessment of employees who have not undergone the Mandatory Onboarding Training Program, the DAB aims to identify areas where further training and support can be provided to ensure a skilled and competent workforce within the BARMM.

By actively engaging with key government agencies, the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro continues to fulfill its mandate of promoting excellence, efficiency, and social responsibility within the Bangsamoro Government. Through these institutional visits, the DAB strives to establish a strong foundation for effective governance and sustainable development in the region.

DAB, as the human capital development training and research arm of the Bangsamoro Government for government officials and employees, is a CSC recognized Government Learning and Development Institution under the Office of the Chief Minister Hon. Ahod B. Ebrahim. DAB is currently under the leadership of Executive Director Sh. Hisham S. Nando, M.A. #biDABest #ProductiveBangsamoro #MoralGovernance


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