DAB has a much clearer direction now, by looking at the current opportunities available for the Academy and the challenges it experienced as former ADA (ARMM Development Academy).

This was all possible through the recent 3-day Environmental Scanning Activity, facilitated by the Ateneo de Davao University and supported by the United Nations Development Programme-Philippines (UNDP Philippines) and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DPAT).

The Envi Scan serves as Phase 1 of the DAB’s Strategic Planning for its full transition from ADA to DAB. It gathered all data and experiences from the Academy’s employees as well as important information from different agencies like the PSA – BARMM, BARMM – HELPS, Asian Institute of Management, DAP sa Mindanao, Ministry of Local Government, BARMM – RPDO.

The activity was graced by the presence and a commitment of support from the BARMM Chief Minister’s Asst. Executive Secretary Abdullah Cusain and the BARMM Regional Planning & Development Office’s Executive Secretary Engr. Muhajirin Ali.

The dream for an enhanced Bangsamoro Professional Development is taking form. #MoralGovernance #biDABest #biDABangsamoro